As a truck driver, you can’t do your job well with inferior equipment. And you shouldn’t have to! That’s why Hardy Brothers trucks feature the best equipment on the road in the form of Kenworth tractors.

No Kenworth truck in our fleet is older than four years old. Plus, we have our own team of truck, engine, and trailer technicians who regularly maintain and repair our trucks. Why does that matter? Because a well-maintained truck means it is dependable and ready to withstand the rigors of heavy use.

Truck Features

  • Fully automatic transmissions
  • Well-equipped bunk space with room for two
  • SiriusXM radio in all trucks
  • Cutting-edge technology to manage all systems
  • Quiet, smooth operation with plenty of power to get up hills, and reliable brakes to get you safely down them.
  • Incredible fuel efficiency, so you have to stop less frequently for fuel.