Hardy Brothers Logistics is the research and planning of trucking operations that you can add to your business. Typically, the logistics of trucking takes into account all the factors involved in the transportation of goods by truck with the goal of maximizing productivity and efficiency.

Applying trucking logistics in your business can yield promising results for your freight moving operations while improving your overall operational systems. The concept of trucking logistics is mainly framed to improve research and management systems in order to enhance trucking operations in the long term. As your operations improve, your overall business and profitability can improve.

In 2000, Hardy Brothers launched HB Logistics to provide our growing customer base with access to an additional 250 trucks and 300 drivers.

Hardy Brother Logistics is ideal for those instances when shipment volumes exceed the capacity of Hardy-owned equipment. Rather than our customers having to search for additional carriers in this situation, HB Logistics can load the extra shipments on a qualified carrier within our network. We thoroughly research each outside carrier to ensure that they can perform to the same standards as the Hardy fleet.

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