Coast-To-Coast Reach

Hardy Brothers provides its customers with transportation and logistics services throughout the lower 48 states. Our dedicated and experienced driver teams are continually heading back and forth from one coast to the other. This team approach allows the trucks to keep moving around the clock.

Refrigerated Trailers

Our trailers are refrigerated, so we can deliver produce, pharmaceuticals, meat, and anything else that needs to be temperature controlled. We often take dry freight west, and bring back cold goods as we head east. And with our 2-day coast-to-coast turnaround, you can trust Hardy Brothers to deliver your items as fresh as if they came right off the farm, because they do!

Freight Tracking

Because we are able to know where all our trucks and trailers are at all times, we always know where your shipment is! Want to track your freight? Contact us for more information.

HB Logistics

Hardy Brothers founded its logistics division, HB Logistics, in 2000 to provide clients access to an additional 250 trucks and 300 drivers. This service is ideal for those instances when shipment volumes exceed the capacity of Hardy-owned equipment. Rather than our customers having to search for additional carriers in this situation, HB Logistics can load the extra shipments on a qualified carrier within our network. We thoroughly research each outside carrier to ensure that they can perform to the same standards as the Hardy Brothers’ fleet.